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IFDB Review: Superman Returned - A Tomahawk Re-Edit:
Tomahawk you need to start putting your name on these edits. You should be ever so proud for making this movie so much better. The original film dragged and felt inconsistent. It had its moments but lets face it...it was a big old mess. What you've done is fantastic. This is the definite version of "Superman Returns" as far as I am concern. Your repositioning of existing scenes and the deletion of crappy material highly improved the pace and yes this time everything felt right. Your visual and audio editing is flawless as to be expected. You prove yourself in this department in your last edit of Hulk. It is true that I wasn't so kind with your extended version of Hulk because although I understood that your intention was to put all the deleted scenes it just didn't work for me as far as pacing. With this edit you've done exactly the opposite...you have transformed the material into something exciting and cool. Kudos to you and keep up the good work!


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