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System Maintenance
It looks about the same.
hbenthow Wrote:It looks about the same.

I took it down a little more today. The problem is none of my monitors can mimic a 4:3 at that resolution so it's tough for me to get it exact. I appreciate your help in nailing it down.
It looks a lot better now. The right side of the page is a little closer to the edge of the browser window than the right side (maybe that's normal), but I can now easily read everything on the page without horizontal scrolling or setting my browser to Fit to Width.

Here's a snapshot, so you can see what it looks like now:

[Image: FELightThemeSnapshot_zpsc8dba8f4.jpg]

EDIT: And here's one showing what it looked like before:

[Image: FEWhiteTheme-Before_zps059a3d83.jpg]

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