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IFDB Review: Star Trek 6 “The Khitomer Conspiracy”:
****SPOILERS BELOW***** Great edit. But for basically two things, this would be my go-too version of the film. My only issues are basically differences of taste. You said from the outset that you wanted this to be a kitchen-sink fanboy edit, and it's those choices that bugged me. Future Guy was actually pretty well integrated, and while I wouldn't personally have put him in, I totally get what you're going for. The changeling, on the other hand, I didn't think was well executed and I'd like to see a copy of this edit with that sliced out. Plus, if I'm to believe that the Dominion was behind the entire plot, shouldn't I see changelings at the very beginning, when Praxis is bombed? I also would have liked to see, in the postscript, a little more of an explanation on the role played by the Enterprise crew in the temporal war, what Future Guy was trying to accomplish by getting involved with this whole thing, why the Dominion's plans and Future Guy's plans dovetailed so nicely, and whether or not--as hinted--Nero, the destruction of Romulus, and the alternate timeline movies have anything to do with all of this.


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