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IFDB Review: Captain Jack Sparrow and The Heart of Davy Jones:
This is an extremely well done edit. Flawless execution with no noticeable cuts. I loved this version of the movie and will never have to watch the original again because this edit so firmly supplants it in my mind. This edit makes PotC2 feel as exciting and fast paced as the original. This is mostly due to the removal of the painfully slow and boring sequence that TM2YC includes as a supplemental feature "How Jack Lost His Hat". The characterization and story telling has been dramatically improved especially in the stomach turning sections where Elizabeth and Jack were previously seen flirting. There was no reason for this to exist in the first place, did anyone ever believe Elizabeth was going to abandon Will for Jack? The flow of the movie was brilliant. TM2YC moved a number of shots and not a single one was noticible. When I first watched the original I remember being bored to tears about a half hour in, this is no longer the case. The only qualm I have with the edit and the reason I gave it a 9 for enjoyment was that the extremely long series of fight sequences that close out the movie are almost entirely left intact. After watching nearly a half hour of constant battle with almost no reprieve it really drains on me as the viewer and I would have liked to have seen this tightened up. Other than that this was a fantastic edit I especially appreciated the fantastic new beginning and ending choices. Great work!


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