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Goodbye, My Friend

Several years ago, our dog passed away from cancer. She was 8. It sucks.
Some people will never understand the sheer amount of love and joy one could get from pets. It's obvious all of you guys do. Saying goodbyes to loved ones is hard. For me, personally, it hurts just as much to say goodbye to a pet as to a family member. After all, you take in those pets, give them everything you have, the clothes on your back -if they'd fit- and they are part of your family.

So sad to read all of these messages, but at the same time very comforting, because every one of those pictures shows a healthy cat. Feeding a cat only gets it healthy up to a point. The loving part is what puts the icing on the cake. That's what makes your pet's fur glisten in the sun, what puts that spark in their eyes, and makes them such a huge bundle of joy every time you are around Smile

It's been 8 years (EIGHT) since I had to have my Labrador put down. EIGHT, I'll write that again. And every time, up to this day, I write text blurbs like this, where I express the general -objective- love of a pet's owner to its pet, not even considering my own, I start bawling and weeping like a little kid. As I'm writing this it's no different.

Not many people know this, but our dog had to be put down because her liver was deteriorating. She was doing fine at the time, but the vet said it would be a precaution, so she wouldn't even start to hurt. What do you do at that point? It's heartbreaking. Utterly heartbreaking. Should you be selfish and keep her around a while longer, so you can love her and enjoy her company a while longer, while she slowly but surely starts to have this pain grow inside her? She loves you too, so she won't tell, obviously. Or do you do "the right thing" and have her put down? She'll be at peace, and you'll be in pieces... Such a struggle.

The one thing I'll never forgive myself is that during her last months on this green Earth, she had to be taken out more and more for little walks and sanitary stops, and I was younger then, I didn't like it, it was getting too much for me. I'd literally walk her out, let her do her thing, clean up, and go back inside. No walking to the end of the street, none of that. I was incredibly selfish and I hate myself for it. Eight years later, to this day. There... I'm in tears again. Because I can't forgive myself. Even now.

My girlfriend and I are going off to the Netherlands tomorrow evening (we live in Belgium) to adopt a new 3-months-old puppy. Apart from the mature greyhounds being abused for sports or hunting in Spain, there's apparently a thing as well where they abandon puppies. Fucking ridiculous. It's off-topic thread here so I'll just say it, I'm sure everyone appreciates the sentiment and can forgive the words: IT'S SO FUCKING INHUMANLY UNDIGNIFIED AND BEASTLY THAT I LOATH PEOPLE LIKE THAT WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BODY... My mom and I got a greyhound from such a non-profit organisation that aims to give these dogs a better life. She was about 5 when we got her, and she had to be put down as well a few months ago. Now my girlfriend and I are about to get our own little bundle of joy, and I'm going to do everything in my power to give that dog the best life it could possibly get, even when it gets older, when the going gets rough, and when they start to depend on us all the more...

In closing, here's a picture of my beloved Labrador who I'll never forget. She was an absolute nutcase. Her name was Ushi:

[Image: 23487_1375283937134_2668056_n.jpg?oh=a8d...e=5671210B]

[Image: 5103_1158470796941_5144838_n.jpg?oh=ee21...e=566127FE]

Don't mind me, that's an old picture.

The new puppy were going to collect is called Zora:

(A picture from a few months ago)

[Image: 11205995_586912148117086_632547132841631...e=566EE90E]

You guys are amazing. Seriously, you all are.
Sorry to hear that. It's been a few years since my cat Oscar died. My young nephew is allergic to cats, so I miss having a cat generally. This song has cheered me up in the past when previous feline friends have gone...

Thanks for sharing, Kal.
Thanks guys, and thanks for sharing your story, Kal.
My condolences, [MENTION=4689]ThrowgnCpr[/MENTION]. Don't wish for the past to be different, instead be happy for all the time you spent with her and thank god she didn't have a painful death. She will always be within your heart Wink
I am sorry to hear about your cat, Throw. Both my best friend's dogs died within a few months of each other a little while back, so I know how it affects people.

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