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SW - Star Wars
(01-31-2020, 06:30 PM)hbenthow Wrote: But back on topic, test footage from the scrapped 2010 Star Wars television series "Underworld" has been released.

That was awesome! I had no idea that anything was ever shot for the show. (I guess none of us did.)

At five minutes, there isn't much of a story (nor could there be), but I appreciate the fact that the story that is there is told mostly silently through visuals. That's some good cinematic storytelling. 

I think that Lucas couldn't afford the show 10 years ago because, back then, it was still expected that TV shows would have 20+ episodes a season, and he couldn't make them all look like that on a reasonable budget. These days, though, with streaming series regularly producing 10 episodes or less a year, and audiences being very receptive to it (due to the tighter storytelling), Disney+ might be able to pull it off. I wonder if the studio let the footage leak to test audiences' appetite for such a story...?
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I watched this random first-time reaction video on ANH, which turned up on my timeline. It's really funny:

"Why is (Threepio) such a d*ck?!"
"What is that haircut...?! SO bad"
"Why has he got a p*nis on his face?!"
"Does no one know how to aim in this film?!
"This is such an anticlimactic sword... I mean lightsaber fight"

Random headline: Mark Hammill asks Trump to pardon the SW Holiday Special.
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I'm not seeing a 'big sleeve' edition of Rise of Skywalker advertised anywhere. I've got TFA and TLJ on big sleeve. Goddammit Disney I need the third spine for my shelf!

[Image: 49580402156_e12b23012d_k.jpg]

Breaking news yesterday: Lucasfilm's next big focus for novels and comics is an era henceforth known as "the High Republic," set roughly 200 years before Phantom Menace. They vaguely suggest that a really positive reaction might lead them to build this part of the universe into some movies, but for now it's just a publishing thing:

Some are disappointed that this isn't an announcement about a series of Knights of the Old Republic movies, which some fans have been clamoring for, for a while. My thoughts:

As much as fans think they want a KotOR adaptation, any such adaptation would be filled with compromises. In making long games into a trilogy of 2+ hour movies each, way too much material would have to be cut, and (like "The Hobbit") some new elements would probably get added. The changes would frustrate the very fan base that they're trying to please -- a fan base that's already had too much division as of late. 

The High Republic is basically a different era that's a clean slate for everyone, and therefore least likely to cause anger and push-back. I don't know how good it will be, but from a marketing standpoint, this is the most logical path for Lucasfilm to pursue.
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[Image: Untitled.jpg]

Well, sure, in the sense that LFL is trying to tell a bold new story in a completely new time period, but they also seem to be half-assing it to a greater degree than Shadows of the Empire in various books and comics, with the real dollars going to The Mandalorian, Cassian Andor, and Obi-Wan Disney+ series, all of which are far more based in the comforting and familiar OT era. We know how two of those three stories end, and whether or not Baby Yoda survives Snoke's/Kylo's/Palps' villainy, he sure doesn't seem likely to do much of consequence before the events of TROS at the earliest.

So, in effect, they're trying to use the contemporary Marvel model of using comics to beta test stories and concepts they might want to really invest in later. They're charging customers to participate on a focus group about products made by a story committee. Meh.

Now, I'm interested in all three of those aforementioned Disney+ series, though I'm worried that if Obi-Wan doesn't leave Tatooine during his show, we'll get some serious SW desert planet overload. And I'm not opposed to sticking with the OT era, either; I'd totally be up for, say, an X-Wing squadron movie set during or immediately after the Galactic Civil War. Nor would I at all mind a Doctor Aphra show/flick.

Bottom line: if LFL wants to publish a new line of interrelated books set in a relatively new time frame, I've certainly no objection. But I'm not interested in new SW books, either. After the mixed reaction to the creative direction of the ST, and the apparent lack of enthusiasm for stories set in that era, maybe a few years of low-key content building before a big, splashy big-screen franchise revival is the wisest possible move. Or maybe the company's just completely rudderless at the top, with no vision on how to move forward, and this is them treading water so Disney doesn't lay them off in the meantime. Maybe it's a bit of both. Who knows?
Jay's utter disinterest in this debate is the finest gold:

Obviously I clicked on this for a quick giggle but ended up really impressed by this editor. They've not only added lightsabers for everybody but rescored, added all the soundFX, plus lighting FX and particle FX for the impacts. If a joke is worth telling, it's worth putting 5-months work in to... Big Grin

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Shit, I'm thinking about droid pronouns again.
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