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SW - Star Wars
no i am currently readin tempest, good book i woudl recomend it.
DAMN ERROR gets me every time. Angry
Other than SOTE I haven't had much experiance in EU, but I have been a huge SW fan since I was a kid, sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. SW is hands-down my favorite series of movies. And yes I do like the prequels, although obviously not as much as the OT.
yeah man the new books aregood, but i hate how much of a A**hole the authors are turning jacen into. man first they kill anakin, now they are turning his brother into an ass, and ben is a whiny POS, they are distroying the next generation of SW. Oh and dont get me started on Jaina, "i'm the sword of the jedi" solo
DAMN ERROR gets me every time. Angry
Didn't want to start a new thread for this, thought I'd just continue on in the SW thread

I just visited the Star Wars: Science & Imagination exhibition at OMSI and thought I'd share a few photos I took

[Image: swchewiecw7.jpg]

[Image: swjawaxo6.jpg]

[Image: swmedicalli9.jpg]

[Image: swtuskenzw2.jpg]

[Image: swwampabo0.jpg]

[Image: swwookiepn9.jpg]

[Image: swr2d2hp4.jpg]

[Image: swlandspeederoc7.jpg]

[Image: swnaboodi4.jpg]

There's plenty more where they came from if anyone would like to see some more...
Hell yes post more. Those are sweet! If that show ever comes to Canada I'm all over it like Oprah on African orphans.
Cassidy Wrote:Hell yes post more. Those are sweet! If that show ever comes to Canada I'm all over it like Oprah on African orphans.

:lol: :lol:

yeh post more great photos
Does the Wampa 2.0 suit have an apology letter by GL on the display case? Because it should...
I figured some of you may enjoy this SW related item if you have not already seen it:


The site is safe for work as far as I can tell. So is the content.

Enjoy. I had a good laugh!
Yeah, I found that a while back. There's something about it, I love it. Somebody needs to step uo and make an ESB edition.

Ebaums is a funny site. Who cares if he steals stuff?

PS: I miss Star Wars. With the prequels over and the 30th Anniversary being so lackluster (Is anything even happening? My local WM doesn't even carry the 30th Anni toys!) it's pretty bleak. GL is dragging his ass on the new shows, too.
great star was t-shirts

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Finished Projects: Wing Commander: Countdown to Invasion, STAR WARS: RISE OF THE EMPIRE ... all 3 prequels - one 4-hour film.
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