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IFDB Review: Matrix Revolutions: The Epic Edition:
Finally got around to this after DL'ing last year.I put off viewing partly because I did not want to waddle through sorry assed Revolutions again.Then I delayed reviewing because I wanted to listen to Geminigod's audio commentary.In a nutshell, the A/V editing was spectacular. I missed glitches and fudges he referenced in the commentary. Had to go back, and even then they were often hard to catch.He also purged the bulk of the offensive bungles from Revolutions.Also, he made a good argument that the sequel ought to have been one long film, rather than two.Best, this edit redeemed the franchise, which ain't gonna revive any day soon.Less compelling, were Geminigod's prolonged defense for the importance of Zion. I never bought that argument. Zion, to me, represented a separation of humanity into elites and mudbugs. Far as Zion went, if the machines whacked them, fine by me.Commentaries by their nature are enlightening, thoughtful, and maddening. Geminigod's was no exception. For every point he addressed, and I thought "Ooh, I hadn't thought of that," then he would belabor another cue for five minutes, and I'm going, "Hey, Pilgrim, movie's rolling, stay on topic."This really was a powerhouse job, with a tremendous amount of editing and rearranging, in crafting a true, alternative experience.And barking aside, I truly appreciated the editor's words. Most enlightening.


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