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IFDB Review: Marvel Origins: Avengers Part 3:
And there came a day unlike any other... ...a day where Juice released his final chapter in his marvelously ambitious Avengers Trilogy! And what an epic final chapter it is! Unlike the previous two parts which combine multiple movie story line, this final part is focused solely on the Avengers movie itself. Juice has taken a slightly more serious tone with the narrative by using the alternate opening and closing from the deleted scenes, and these work wonderfully and instantly to successfully creates the new tone. This narrative is tighter and moves faster. It works for the most part, all the characters get a proper intro with the exception of Selvig, Hawkeye and Loki. This is because the assault on the SHEILD base has been cut, and the story opens in the heart of the crisis and all we the audience know for sure is SHIELD has been compromised. This is the only confusing element to this fan edit since no mention of the SHIELD attack is made in Part 2 either. But I have assured by Juice, that he is in the process of re-releasing Part Two which will include a new cliffhanger ending explaining what happened to Hawkeye. Other than that, the new narrative is solid and entertaining. The cuts are all great. There was only one significant audio issue I noticed, where the alternate ending is edited into the original ending. There is a FANTASTIC and almost seamless cameo edited in this fan edit! It is a very cool fanboy moment! Also, there is a new cool post credits scene which I thought was utterly brilliant! So what else can I say? This is a really good fan edit and a fun and engaging alternate version! Well done Juice. Thanks for the entertainment! THUMBS UP!


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