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Fanedit Covers By Zarius
[Image: lies-of-sherlock2.png?ssl=1&w=450]
nice and clean, but Captain America's shield is oval...
This better?

[Image: lies-of-sherlock4.png?ssl=1&w=450]
The flag could be turned upside-down due to all the mayhem
Cool idea, I'll try that out Smile
How's this?

[Image: lies-of-sherlock6.png?w=680]
I like the minimalist design, very nice. However I prefer the flag on the bottom, so it goes from bigger to little as you go up, personally. The back is dynamite. I would prefer the title centered on the spine and another FE logo at the bottom. I think it'd look more balanced plus I like FE logos visible on my shelf. ?

Also, I don't know if you know this but the reverse flag is a nice reference to the military. When a flag patch is worn on a uniform, the stars face forward no matter what, so patches worn on the right arm look like the one on your cover. It's a nice reference to CA's roots, even if you didn't intend it.

That being said, the flag is burnt up so I don't think proper flag protocol is really a priority in the midst of a Civil War!
Thanks for the advise and history lesson Smile
Another cover based on the torn flagg motiff

[Image: lies-of-sherlock7.png?ssl=1&w=450]
[Image: legendary-battles.jpg?w=680]

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