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Fanedit Covers By Zarius
version 2- tweaked
[Image: ifok0h.jpg]
Yeah, that's a lot better  Wink

You'll need to tweek it a bit more, the edit only covers two episodes, you're best just using the bottom description and remove the top half entirely.
I always recommend starting a cover from scratch. Trying to modify a scanned cover always results in lots of problems, and especially issues with halftone and moiré patterns.

Try to find posters or screencaps of those images and start from a fresh template. And please, for the love of all things holy and unholy, omit those giant, horrid UK ratings.
ok version 3
[Image: 14c8ett.jpg]
Much improved. A couple comments:
  • The edit title on the front and spine is incredibly blurry
  • Drop the barcode, the copyright text and the copy protection elements from the bottom left corner. They are irrelevant to this edit. 
version 4
found a sherlock font- so made the title from scratch.
[Image: 2gsgb2w.jpg]
[Image: XCavvfK.gif]
Great work, but, again, there's only TWO episodes being used in this edit, not THREE, so you'll have to alter the text to say "a brand new feature-length reedit of two cases"
version 5
corrected the edit info
and in order to do things right
i just re wrote the text.

[Image: dxz1np.jpg]
My take on the cover:
[Image: artboard-copy-63.png]

What do you think? Smile

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