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Getting Started with HD editing

That is a link i found the other day that makes ripping BD's super easy. I hope it helps
Thanks, juice. Seems to be windows software, though.

and, hey, welcome back!
ssj Wrote:Thanks, juice. Seems to be windows software, though.

and, hey, welcome back!

Thanks, and sorry I always miss that small detail
Gave pavtube ByteCopy a trial. Converted a blu-ray movie to prores LT without a hitch; the transfer looked great, aside from the expected watermark smack in the middle of the picture.

emailed the support staff re: any upcoming sales. Instead of the usual $42, ByteCopy's going for $32—their Halloween special. But I got an even better deal from a very nice support staffer: $9.90. Wow.

downloaded the retail version, punched in the activation key, and I'm converting a movie to prores as I type this.

[Image: storm-trooper-pelvic-thrust-3.gif]

I still find pavtube's product lines confusing. Many of their converters seem to have overlapping functions. But via email exchanges, staffers were able to narrow down my needs and recommend a product that could convert BRs (and DVDs, too) to all flavors of prores, as well as a sheepload of other formats.
Want to second seciors's vote of confidence for handbrake. It handles prores beautifully. Ain't gonna pay for compressor when something quite so useful is also quite so free.

fcpx gives just a handful of options for MP4 encoding. handbrake lets you customize like crazy if you want, or not very much at all if you want things simple.

plus, I recall reading somewhere that handbrake utilizes the CPU's multiple cores well and encodes with 64 bits of whatever instead of compressor's 32.

final cut pro x has no way I'm aware of to crop the output. But handbrake detects the black bars and automatically sets the encoding @ 1920 x 800 instead of x 1080. now that's service.

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