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Zombieland TV Series
Here is the trailer for the Pilot:

It Sucks.
Doesn't look too bad, but would be much much better if they had the same cast as the film.
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Looks weirdly cheap, like they haven't even color-timed it. Smells like a fail...
looks incredibly tacky, cheesy and overall not that funny. Gaith had it correct -- I see it as a major fail
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probably never coming soon:
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kinda looks like some collegehumor short with lookalikes that aren't really lookalikes
Things I'd kill for:
1. Saw footage without blur filters
2. Shared Dark Tower movie universe

This looks terrible.... cheap and unfunny.... a trailer is suppose to MAKE you WANT to watch something, not avoid it...:-P
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Now the good news. It will be on Fox and it will get cancelled after 12 episodes.
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reave Wrote:02-02-2013, 04:47 PM: A little birdie told me that tons of fanedits are going to be on Usenet very soon.
Fox thought it was animation.
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just watched the first episode on amazon and while i agree the trailer made the show look terrible it's not that bad. bit of a slow start but picks up towards the end and at only 26mins it's worth checking. i'd give it a solid 7/10
I'd be generous giving the pilot a 2/10 I think, and that's only for a slightly amusing opening, and for Wichita being kind of cute.

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