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IFDB Review: Prometheus: Giftbearer:
Prometheus was one of the most conceptually ambitious sci-fi films to come out of Hollywood in many years. The film's genuine weaknesses were justly criticised but unfortunately the Alien-related hype created false expectations, leading a surprising number of people to completely diss the film. That's unfair and such arguments are easily rebuked upon closer examination.I'm a fan of the original while being acutely aware of its flaws. I'd give the theatrical cut 6.5 out of 10. Severian's fanedit is a real pleasure and brings the film up to at least 8 out of 10 for me.I don't have much to to add to the technical comments others have made already. Generally the editing and mixing is of a high standard.Narratively, the film is quite substantially improved and a good deal of thought has gone into the use of deleted scenes. Lisbeth's relationship with Hollaway is better fleshed out, for example, even though a smug, swaggering, self-aware actor like Logan-Marshal Green was clearly the wrong choice for the part of her doctor/scientist lover. While I wouldn't say the new opening sequence is better than the original, it's powerful and very different in tone. Moving the arrival of the Engineers on ancient Earth into a dream sequence of Lisbeth's in the middle of the film is an intriguing idea. Racial memory? Something else?And most of the film's stupidities are gone - excellent work there. Too bad we can't get rid of Charlize Theron's embarrassing performance as a stereotypical hard-bitch. She's saddled with the film's worst written main character, so it's not all her fault.All up it's amazing for a first fanedit. Congats to Severian.


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