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IFDB Review: Anchorman: The Alarm Clock Cut:
First of all, as far as technical editing goes, I'd say this is flawless. Not once did I feel like this was a film cobbled together after the fact. That being said, it does have some narrative problems. The Alarm Clock subplot, while great on paper, comes across as pretty flat when worked into the movie. With the exception of Maya Rudolph's fantastic delivery ("I hope you don't mind; I ate some of yo cottage cheese."), none of the humor really plays, and the whole thing is pretty thinly written. In addition, a couple of other alternate scenes just go on too long, bringing the movie to a screeching halt. I'm speaking mostly of the news team's berating of the old man in the wrong house and Champ's declaration of love. They feel like long takes used to pad out the pseudo-sequel, so I think some trimming in these new scenes would help the whole thing flow better. The whole thing is perfectly coherent, though, and it's a fun way to experience Anchorman in a new way if you've just seen the theatrical cut too many times.


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