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Wired | Geekdad | Star Wars – The Fandom Editors (Mentions Frink, Q2, Harmy, TMBTM)
TomH1138 Wrote:So, basically: We're all in a cult together.

have you read this book, Dioretix?
Amazing. Every edit in that list deserves the exposure, so congrats.
ssj Wrote:have you read this book, Dioretix?

I've read this book from L. Ron Hubble. I think it's called Diarrhea.
Let's keep it on topic here.
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This extra coverage is great and the comments seem mostly positive.
Neglify Wrote:Wow, that's pretty awesome. They even include a link to Frink's full edit on Vimeo! :o Awesome find.
Means even they think there is legal room for FanEdits...or at least I hope. Love to hear all of the editors hard work is being noticed.
I don't think it means that. They embedded it from Vimeo, they wouldn't get in trouble for infringement, Vimeo would for hosting.
I'm looking forward to my free bed and meals in jail!
and the male attention, you dude magnet, you!
Well, I didn't want to brag...

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