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IFDB Review: Exit to Eden: The "Things Are Not Looking So Rosie" Edition:
Overall I enjoyed "Exit To Eden", except of course for the visual impairment that came with seeing Rosie in a dominatrix outfit. Never would I have imagined someone would have the bright idea to cut Rosie out and keep it focused to the love story. As slark says, the film is far from perfect even without the stupid Rosie and Dan Aykroyd plot, but now you can watch this guilty pleasure movie with less guilt and more pleasure.This edit isn't perfect though. The A/V quality is good but it's just an XVID AVI. The editing overall was impressive considering how much Rosie voice-over there was. There are some rough spots in the editing, most noticeable in the finale.Overall I think this version is far superior to the original but a bit rough around the edges.


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