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IFDB Review: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 – a steFANedit:
I have always been baffled by this sequel. I knew if someone were to look deep enough, buried away and kept hidden from the eyes of the inhabitants of the earth there would be a somewhat decent story involved. Years ago in my first apartment I owned a VHS player with only 2 tapes The Devils Advocate and Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows. Needless to say I spent many wasted hours discerning the dissatisfying "secrets of esrever" and I never would have thought that I could ever watch this film again and enjoy it. All credit deserving goes to SteFANedit. Who replaces the clunky directionless plot and delivers it into a much more concise and very much needed linear pacing. Over the top ridiculous cuts to indistinguishable scenes of violence and gore have been removed as are other questionable scenes that served no purpose but ensure this film would end up in the "clearance section" of most retail video outlets. I did appreciate how certain edits to the dialog the were done sparingly. The film is supposed to be a movie inside of a movie so to speak so these characters are never meant to say anything profound to each other but instead simulate how real people supposedly talk, which advances the plot in a jumbled sort of way. I would have preferred to leave in the KIMMY line from Tristen but that is my only gripe (if you'd even call it that). I don't think Witchcraft works as well as Disposable Teens for the opening credits (it does come in a tad loud) but SteFANedit has molded this film to be what the original director intended it to be. I like the new music cue for the credits and Haunted is still in there. This is my definitive version of this film. I'm going to enjoy sharing this adaptation with others just to get their reaction. If you've ever stayed up and watched a movie on local television at two in the morning, seen more than a handful of Tales from the Crypt episodes, or have a soft spot for good ideas that spawned outrageously bad movies I would recommend that you and your loved ones cancel plans blow off work and watch the SteFANedit of the Blair Witch2.


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