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IFDB Review: Icarus :
I was so excited to watch this, and Last survivor didn't let me down. The tweaks were amazingly done and make this a true bond movie, they don't prevent the flow of the story at all, in fact if Last Survivor hadn't teased us with his trailer which essentially danced around the majority of elements that were bad with the original film, i probably would have only noticed the invisible car and intro song were missing.as all reviews have to 'critique' in one way or another my only gripe was the surfing intro, i know its required to show bond getting the c4, but to me some kind of establishing shot of the plane landing before bond switches places with the diamond seller would have been more than ample. also jinx's use of the word 'bitch' on the plane seems out of place, i might have omitted it to prevent it from sounding like an audio hard cut.Fantastic job Last Survivor!, This is definitely my 'go to' version of the film.


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