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IFDB Review: Fall of the Jedi: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith:
This is the first edit I've picked up in awhile. I enjoyed watching it as an Episode III edit, though personally I've still yet to find an edit that makes me like Episode III. Editing out droid-speak is pretty standard and does wonders for the film. Not seeing C3P0 and R2D2 is a change I've always supported to the entire prequel trilogy. I really enjoyed introducing Padme in the bedroom scene rather than at the launchpad. It puts her pregnancy already within Anakin's knowledge. All the other trimmings were welcome. I like any edit that can pare down the dialogue of a film and let the action lead. Every now and then I found a cut awkward, but when I could understand the intention I found myself able to accept it in the flow of things (sometimes I couldn't understand the intention). The overall flow worked very well except for some rare awkward audio transitions. The only awkward visual moments came when the end of a scene had been edited down and an optical wipe nearly cut someone off mid-sentence. I found Jimmy Smits transition from the Jedi Temple to the Tantive a bit awkward--it could have been spaced out with a later scene. The OT continuity premise to these edits is something hard for me to get my head around. I'm somebody who thinks "4-6,1-3" not "1-6" but the approach is a great idea and an important one. For Episode III I feel this approach loses some striking imagery like the Emperor's rescue of Anakin and Anakin's surgery. At the same time it cuts things like the awkward "I dub thee, Vader" crap, "Noooo...", and others. I'm still not sure why Padme needs to be alive. But it was pretty seamless besides "The Other Bolyen Girl"'s source needing the contrast raised. That's everything I had to say. I liked watching it and I think others who watch will enjoy it. Thank you for sharing.


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