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IFDB Review: FvJ:
This is probably a first in the fanediting world. There have been quite a few collaborative efforts but this is the first time I know of two established editors fusing themselves DBZ-style to create one edit, both of the halves physically working on the same files. And the result is wrapped, along with individual efforts, in a 4-disc fully loaded package of horrifying fun, that even creates its own universe. But let's go step by step. Disc 1 is Freddy's Dead: The Horror Cut by Juice4z0. Gosh, is the original for this a truly dreadful movie. I remember blind-buying the VHS back in the day because I had seen the original Nightmare not much earlier and fallen in love with it. Without having seen any of the previous sequels, so unaware of what Freddy had become, I popped this on my VCR and... let's just say that if a picture of my face had been taken while I watched, it would likely be a meme today. So what does Juice do to rescue it: The obvious treatment, of course. Cutting back imbecilic humor, in which is the most fanfix-y of the edits in the pack. Is it a success? Yes and no. Yes because what was gouge-your-eyes-out awful is now bearably awful, and no because most everything about it is bad and there's so much a fanedit can do, nothing to do with Juice's abilities. I agree with others in that Freddy is still not scary, but everything from the makeup to the way he's lit prevents this. So, yes, given the circumstances this is an absolute winner. I would have liked to see a few more bad lines and silly moments excised, though. While Juice has a point in saying that if you remove too many the characters lose their personalities, said personalities in this one never go anywhere beyond stereotypes, so it wouldn't be that big of a loss. Editing itself was well done. A couple of the audio transitions were a bit off, fading to or from total silence for a moment, but I guess there were tricky stray bits of music there. Disc 2 - Friday the 13th: The Long Night at Camp Blood by Neglify. Unlike the former, this was pretty much pure FanMix, designed more to make it fit better in the alternate universe these edits create, than to fix anything beyond tightening it a bit. The original is a great little slasher, and so is the edit. The tweaking itself was completely invisible. Disc 3 - FvJ by NegaJuice, the aforementioned hybrid editor. The biggie. This is a bit more FanFix than Long Night, but still largely a FanMix. I don't think much of the original Freddy vs. Jason. Of course, anything after Freddy's Dead or the idiotic Jason X would have been an improvement, but to me it just felt like these two characters got stuck in a cliched post-Scream neoslasher (for the record I like Scream, what I abhor is the trend it created). This version, in the Fix department is pretty much the same than Freddy's Dead Horror Cut, removing the worst offenders but still not going as far as I would have wanted. I, for once, would have loved to see the caterpillar gone, at least the bong part. How's that scary? Not to mention it's an awful-looking cartoon. I got a kick out of seeing the credit for it at the end, though... The FanMix angle goes in two directions: one is adding more Jason, who was sorely lacking in the theatrical version and makes for a much more well-balanced narrative, and the other is the ending, which is bold brilliance IMO. NegaJuice took a risk and got a winner. However, you need to have seen a certain movie in order for it to work, otherwise the ending will be a big WTF. (Don't worry, it's something you've likely seen if you're a horror fan.) Again, the editing itself was perfect. Extras: Lots of fun. Depending of how you like the editors, the commentaries may be pure awesomeness or rather annoying, or both at the same time. (Me? Can't help it, I love these guys.) Disc 4 is packed with goodies. I'll just say two things: they went with the right ending for FvJ as the two alternates were just overkill, and anything that uses the Rage Comics Fap Guy as a rating system is impossible not to love. A warning, though: discs 1 and 3, and a couple of the extras, will look "squashed" when played on VLC, likely due to wrong export aspect ratios. They'll play fine on Media Player Classic and on just about any TV set, though. And they look good otherwise. Now, I wonder if NegaJuice will ever be back. (Of course he will! These guys are impossible to permanently kill off, aren't they?)


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