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IFDB Review: FvJ:
I really liked this release.3 fanedits very well presented, by two faneditors with a common goal. I like the spirit of that.- Now starting with Freddy's Dead: What a crappy original movie it is... I mean, a lot of people think that Freddy 4 was a very bad movie,but it was the first of the serie that I saw (and in theater) and I really liked it back in the day.Now I see it's a crappy movie too (!) but Freddy 6 is the real stinker. This movie is IMO unsalvageable but Juice succeded in making it watchable.I can't honnestly say that Freddy is scary again in this version, but Juice removed the most silly parts and it works wonderfuly.There are certain parts where I felt some shortcuts were taken storywise and it ends as a bit rushed but I was entertained by a nostalgia feeling (something that I can't say about the original one) and I'm surprised I kept watching it till the end... It was not a given!All in all: "Final Nightmare: The Horror Cut" worths a watch if you really love this series of movies, but don't wait for the impossible, it is still the worst (IMO)- "Friday the 13th: The Long Night At Camp Blood" is a great version of "The Final Chapter" mixed with parts of other entries of the series (more sex scenes is always good).It does not change the whole thing, but it's a good "Part 3 alternative" since this movie now follows part 2, and you also have a bit more blood.Loved the ending. Good work.- "FvJ": Complete success. Less silly, while still funny. More Jason screentime makes a better balance between the two characters.The goal here is in a way the opposite of Nightmare on Elm Street 7: Dream Nemesis, a fanedit by Uncanny Antman where the goal was to make it a new entry in the Freddy's saga.I like how both fanedits are taking different roads and are both working good.The extras are great, I'm sure all the commentaries are fun (I only listened to half of FvJ's commentary, but I had a good time listening to Neglify and Juice. I'm sure I'll finish it soon).Nice to have the 3D option for "Final Nightmare" :)A great "fanedit pack"


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