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IFDB Review: Fanedit of Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, A:
First of all i must say that i'm really picky with fan edits, specially an edit about a movie that i already like. Most of the edits that try to fix something by cutting scenes or mixing something to change the plot in some way, i don't enjoy very much, i prefer an edit that adds stuff and that makes me feel that i'm seeing that movie for the first time. And the edit of The Butcher made me feel like that.The extra scenes from the TV version made the film more suspenseful, also the adding of the holliday scenes make us more into the halloween spirit which i enjoyed very much. But the crown jewel for me was the music score, flawless, the best compliment that i can make, is that it felt right, like it was the original score of the movie.So many thanks for this one The Butcher, for me it has become the version to see of H20, i'll be looking foward for some new stuff from you in the future my friend ;)


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