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IFDB Review: Prison Break -The Movie – Episode 2:
I have now completed the 3 parts, I watched this part a week ago, and didn't get time to review until now.I was so very impressed with part 1, that I was nervous yet excited to watch the rest. You earned my trust with part 1, showing me you had great skill, and wanted to tell the same narrative I wished for the show. The lack of the sideplot with the lawyer and the politics etc was a huge plus for me, that really was a let down in the first series, and am glad how elegantly you've extracted it.I was completely on the edge of my seat again with part 2, the narrative is expertly edited, and felt extremely linear which can't have been easy.You have a perfect fanedit here, I couldn't find one fault. My audience was mixed with people that had seen the original series, people that hadn't and both types of people were thoroughly captivated by this fanedit. We were all extremely eager to continue it, and my curiosity of how you ended the 3rd part grew strong.


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