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Spanish Film Magazine Features Fanedits
Original article in Spanish.
[/URL]Spanglish translation.
Great find, Adabisi, and congrats for the namedrop! Smile
[size=x-small]"You can put it in one word: fear. Fear of what you'll do to him. Fear of punishment so vivid in his mind that he fears it even more than sudden death. [...] My point is that cruelty with purpose is not cruelty. It's efficiency. But a man will never disobey you once he's watched his mate's backbone laid bare. He'll remember those white ribs staring at him, he'll see the flesh jump and hear the whistle of the whip for the rest of his life." - Capt. Bligh, Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)


Yes. Have you been googling yourself again, Adabisi? :biggrin:
Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind.

Captain Khajiit's Basic Cross-platform Guide to Handling UHD
Captain Khajiit's Basic Guide to Decoding Video and Audio
Captain Khajiit's Quick Guide to Encoding a BD via the Command-line
Captain Khajiit's Basic Guide to Encoding with HCenc

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I google myself at least once a day.

Very interesting. I'll front page it tonight or tomorrow night. Smile
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I now notice this! That's Awesome! That's the second time an unrelated site mentions and praises my edit!
Big Grin
I love it. I hope this means more people get involved and with some unique prospective we haven't seen yet.

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