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IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode II: The Republic Divided:
this is the best in L8 edits of the Star Wars prequels greatly improving the original. Anakin is less of a sulking teenager and a lot more likeable. the deleted scenes as with EP III are a welcome inclusion as they improve the romance between Anakin and Padame.as others have said they are some niggling errors that are frustrating. I felt the subtitle to the dying shape shifter (her name I don't know) was too quick, and as another viewer committed a little more detective work by Obi-Wan would have improved the story.Anakin and Padame seem to C3-PO rather well considering this character was somewhat shortened in EP 1 the fire place scene really didn't need to be there, without this scenes the balcony scene would have worked as a kind of have they / haven't they slept with one another. as it is it's forcing the issue that they have just slept with one another but it's done in such a clumsy mannerI wondered if the scene between Anakin and Padame after he's returned could have been removed, one of main problems with the prequels is the fact that Padame knows that Anakin is a killer yet she still falls in love with and even marries him. this narrative would have worked well with the viewers knowing what our main character has done while Padame doesn’t the final 30min are fantastic, once again listening to the commentary track you beginning to realise just how much has been cut without ever realizing. bobba fett picking up his dead dad's head would have been a welcome cut.overall like with all three edits I feel to much has been cut while the other two edits only slightly improved the originals this maybe the version I’ll continue to watchmy original EP II score 6/10my fanedit EP II score 8/10


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