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IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode III: Dawn of the Empire:
the start of the edit is extremely well done, our heroes complete their mission without the unnecessary distractions that got in their way. however after this the edit becomes a little to quick in it's pacing for my liking without any real follow between scenes. the inclusion of the deleted scenes are welcome edition and the edit settles within the second half. the ending is well done and address's what many consider the worst moment in the star wars prequels rather well (NOOOOO!!!!!!) Palpatines sudden change in appearance into the empire is rather baffling. i don't believe any viewer should have to listen to a commentary track in order to understand what just happened. this also isn't consistent to the previous film and raises more questions than it should. can he return to his normal self? why didn't he take on this disguise in the first film? is the way in which he transforms into the empire in Episode III so bad that this needed to be addressed. overall George Lucas decisions weren't fantastic but addressing such issues causes for me more problems than there worth. the problem that i have is that it almost become a Redletter Media tick list to how to improve the films. there are some brilliant moments within this edit but overall i feel that too much has been removed.my original Episode III score 7/10my fanedit Episode III score 7/10


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