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IFDB Review: FvJ:
This is my first review and i'm not the best with words but i really enjoy fanedits and all the work that goes into them. So maybe i should finally do my part and review the ones i've seen. This was one hell of an undertaking. 4 discs and 3 movies. Can't get more bang for your buck. I watched everything, every extra and all the commentaries. Disc 1: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare - Horror CutA major improvement over the original. Removed all the cheesy Freddy lines (Took out the F'n Power Glove). I watched back the cheesy stuff on the bonus disc and it was worse than i remembered. What i am unsure about is how the restored 3-D compares to the 3-D on the box set version. It's been a while since i have put it in and haven't gotten around to compare. But i have a feeling Juice improved it even more.Disc 2: Friday the 13th: Long Night at Camp BloodI'm not that familiar with Friday part 4. The ones i seen the most were 1-3, 5, and 7. So i really can't comment on it too much. But just from listening to the commentary i understand enough about the changes and what went into them. And even learned a little something about how the movies fit into the timeline. I had to read between the grass though. ;-)I'm proud to say i spotted the Evil Dead footage on my own. I have seen those movies way too many times. Disc 3: FVJI am a big fan of the original and i have to say i didn't miss any of the extra crap that was cut. I really loved all the extra Friday footage added in. So i have to quote the editors and agree that now it feels more like a real FVJ and not just Jason in a Nightmare film. You might hate me for this but i'm kind of up in air over the new ending. Without giving spoilers i'll just say that i may not be as big of a fan of the movie the footage came from as everybody else is. I didn't hate it, but just not sure. But i love crazy off the wall edits and ideas so it's still a cool idea. Bonus DiscI'm not sure if it's just me but all the words on the menu screen were bigger than my screen and everything got cut off. But it's just a bonus disc so it's not that big of a deal. A lot of goodies here. A 20 minute Friday nude montage including one of my favorites from part 5. Good times. :-)I enjoyed the alternate endings and the one of a kind commentary on a work print? I just wish i could enjoyed the censored joke with you guys. Trust me i was laughing my butt off with you guys during all the commentaries. A lot of other cool bonuses i also enjoyed. This was definitely worth watching and i recommend it for any fan of the Nightmare and Friday series.


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