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IFDB Review: FvJ:
Okay so where to start.... Disc 1: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare - Horror CutIt was a bad movie then and guess what..... it's still a bad movie... All the editing in the world couldn't save this piece of shit.... BUT and this is a big BUT... What Juice did is a vast improvement in attempting to make it a watchable flick... If it wasn't part of the overall Narrative/Enjoyment and this was a standalone edit I may not have been as generous with my overall ratings...All the shitty cartoony aspects have been removed and it makes this edit barely watchable... A big Kudos to Juice for that... I unfortunately didn't visit the commentary on this one but wish I had as a lot of stuff that is referenced in the Disc 2 commnetary refers to conversation on this...In my opinion Juice did a wonderful job shining up a piece of turd....Disc 2: Friday the 13th: Long Night at Camp BloodI was very intriqued as to what Neg had plannned with this edit as depending on what day of the week it is Part 4 or Part 6 is my favorite entry in the series and I find Part 4 to be a near perfect popcorn horror flick... Without giving away many spoilers I liked the new beginning and the revised ending... I liked that much of the body was left intact without many changes... The only real flaw I saw with the original that always bothered me was how annoying Teddy was with the whole "Dead Fuck".... and put that in your Computer business.... Glad that was trimmed in this edit.... What Neg did was take my fun popcorn Horror movie and give a slightly different take on it and in regards to watching this as a trilogy of sorts it works perfect... I listened to most of the commentary on this one as well after my first viewing and I'm really surprised they remembered anything... definitely some funny bits and let me in to exactly where the Evil Dead scene is...Disc 3: FVJThis is also a movie I really enjoyed when it first came out but over time is has definitely lost some of it's luster.... I agree with Steelio and his review that taking out the comedy bits of Freddy and subplot definitely improved the movie.... NegaJuice did one thing with this Edit that made the whole series worth watching and that was the new ending... It was great... I wish I could speak on this more but I feel it would ruin the whole experience for people so I'll leave it at that....I tip my hat to both editors as far as the overall enjoyment of my viewing experience went... It ended with a bang and left this horror geek fully satisfied....Disc 4: Extra Features....Didn't get a chance to download this as of yet but as heard in Disc two commentary apparently there are a lot of boobs on that disc... and really who doesn't appreciate that....Check this out people... It's worth it....


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