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IFDB Review: Myers Family, The:
This was a great fanedit.The biggest complaint I have with the Halloween reboot is that it feels like 2 different movies forced to exist together. steFANedit wisely excises the second half of the first movie to get rid of the forced rehash of the Carpenter movie. Halloween II was a terrible movie mainly because it felt like the the second half of Halloween repeated with less likable characters and worse dialogue.Thankfully steFANedit had the great idea of taking the first half of Halloween and merging it with a condensed version of Halloween II. It may not flow perfectly, but it's a million times better than rewatching the Zombie movies on DVD.Tech quality is great, it looks as good as the source DVDs and the editing was perfectly executed.For me, the Rob Zombie Halloween movies have been retired. This is the Halloween reboot I wanted to see.


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