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IFDB Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Extended Edition:
This is an acceptable extended edition. As far as I can tell it is only available as a WMV file, which is both bizarre and moderately annoying. Many of the extra scenes are of lower quality than the original film. A couple of the edits, especially toward the beginning, are a little less smooth than they could have been. Most of them are inserted well, and are more or less invisible. I enjoyed the original film, the first time around. I felt like a couple of the scenes added to my enjoyment (especially the exchanges between Scott and Ramona.) Most of them don't add a heck of a lot to the proceedings, but it's nice to have them. On the whole, this was an acceptable effort. It could have been done with a little more skill, but it's good enough that I would rather keep this version in my collection than go to the trouble of smoothing out the handful of rough edges myself.


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