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IFDB Review: FvJ:
Hey everyone, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and watch this edit. I'd even say that it may be considered epic. It takes two of the most beloved horror franchises and creates something new with this fan mix. So I'll start with Disc 1: Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare: Horror Cut. Freddy's Dead was one of those guilty pleasures when I was growing up. The original was so terrible that still ended up enjoying it. Even with all of the wonderful looney tunes shenanigans (power glove, I'm looking at you) that Freddy is able to do. Did it have much of a story? Not all that much of one. It's pretty paper thin and sometimes maybe a little by the numbers. What is presented here is a pretty big achievement. juice4z0 took a lot of what didn't work in the film (all the stupid, silly, shenanigans that turned Freddy into a terrible looney tunes version of himself. Yeah, I know some of the sequels did it too. But some of those I actually don't mind (NOES4 looking at you)) and scrapped it. he brought the film back to as much of a back to basics feel for Freddy as one could with the source material that was presented with. And the great thing is that it works. It vastly improves the film. This has definitely become my go to version of The Final Nightmare. *Can't say much about the restored Freddy vision, mostly cause I haven't tried watching it yet with that. The commentary was an interesting listen. Definitely lots of craziness ensues. And there are some small times where one or two minor rants occur. Only thing that hurt the commentary was the technical mishaps that happened behind the scenes when recording it.*Up next is Disc 2: Friday the 13th: Long Night at Camp BloodNeglify took it upon himself to edit one of the most beloved of the F13th entries, F13th: The Final Chapter. It was one of the first F13th films I had the opportunity to see while growing up. Didn't really care for it at first. But over the years, i started to enjoy it. What Neglify did here was pretty awesome. He presents a fun alternative to the original Final Chapter. The new opening and ending are great. The changes Neglify does only helps strengthen the story that he's presenting with Long Night at Camp Blood. *Again, the commentary for Long Night at Camp Blood is a fun listen.*Up next is the main piece of this fan mix, FvJ. In 2003, Freddy vs Jason came out after many years of being stuck in development hell. I thought it was a fun film when it first came out. It brought back both Freddy and Jason to the big screen once again. And it was definitely worth the wait. However, over time there have been small nitpicks I've had with the film that began presenting themselves after multiple viewings. (The humor of Freddy was still a bit too much, the subplot with Lori's Dad and Mom's Death.)NegaJuice presents a superior version of the film here. They eliminate the humor of Freddy and the subplot that ultimately leads to nowhere, which helps strengthen the film a good chunk. One of the big things that helps make this film great is the new ending that was created. At first, i was unsure of what to make of the new ending. But, after thinking about it a little bit it's great. And it makes a lot of sense. I'm not going to say too much more as to spoil things for those who haven't seen it yet. But I'd recommend it.*The commentary for FvJ was definitely the best out of all the commentaries presented for this fan mix, imo. It definitely is worth listening to as Neglify does express why they chose the ending that they did and what it means.*This fan mix is great. It presents new versions of these films, two of which are now go-to versions for me. Great job guys.


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