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IFDB Review: Fall of the Jedi: Episode I - The Phantom Menace:
Full disclosure: I watched The Phantom Menace in the theater when it came out when I was 10-12, so the original has a bit of nostalgia value to it. Also this is the first fan-edit I've seen. I've seen this TPM dozens of times and I know pretty much every line and audio/visual cue, so to me, things seemed a bit too fast paced, but only slightly. I love that that almost all Jar-Jar "shenanigans" are gone (and his entire subplot of him being banished from Otoh Gunga), and C3PO is only seen a couple times in the background with no dialogue. The other big change I noticed is a couple of 4th wall breaking lines such as "What are you some kind of jedi?" from Watto and removing Anakin from the final space battle, which was done VERY well in my opinion. There were a few audio cuts that didn't sync too well with the video (sudden score changes) but if I wasn't looking for changes, I probably wouldn't have noticed. As someone who thinks the original TPM film was pretty good (I love poking fun at the awful dialog), I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to get through the movie in marathon mode or maybe to show someone who hasn't seen it before. To me, it was a bit too fast paced, but I still recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative edit to TPM.


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