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IFDB Review: Batman & Robin De-Assified:
Well, actually, as some people have said, not the length of a movie, but not that of a series, so I should say that there already have, 3 points of 10 The Final impressed me, and really being mounted well actually, yes it would have been apt a sequel, just ... To clarify doubts. 8 Points. The color should have been desaturated as BF: Red Book Edition, That I dislike, as it is still full of color. 1 Point You had to use music from Danny Elfman for Ambiete since Goldenthal's music but apparently Batman music, seemed to be composed with electric guitar. But Prince used it and praised him, 1 point Still FanEdit recommend this if you want to have at least would have been seen as having been "good", 8 points


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