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IFDB Review: Prison Break -The Movie – Episode 1:
I was extremely impressed with this. I've only seen this first part so far, looking forward to watching the other 2 in the near future. I showed this to friends and family, some had never seen Prison Break as a TV series, some aware this was a fanedit, some under the impression it was a professional movie. It was enjoyed and appreciate by all types. It worked very well as a movie, and I was constantly on the edge of my seat, not only because of the great editing, but also unsure how you had shaped the story. There was only 3 areas that felt particularly rough. One, was a very brief out-of-sync issue when they are holding the wallet of the rookie cop. Two, the brothers meeting. I assume it is because it was a cliff hanger there wasn't enough footage, but they basically talked about meeting, and then suddenly were talking, it was a little hard to accept, but my audience coped ok. The 3rd issue isn't your fault, the element of time sometimes is a bit strange. It's clearly because when it was a show it wasn't an issue (despite the show supposedly covering a brief amount of time), but when the show was week-to-week it allowed accepting certain things had changed between episodes. An example that jumps out at me is a spoiler: after Schofield's interrogation scene where he loses a toe, within a very short time (5 mins?) he is walking around without any issue. The only time it's even really mentioned again is after Bellick steps on it again. Also I think the point of time to end part one worked out quite well, although it was very abrupt, again not really your fault, you cant create footage where there is none. Anyway, again I must say how very impressed I am. I was sucked in pretty quickly, and learned to trust your editing and narrative pretty much straight away. I was just along for the ride, like the rest of my audience. I can't wait for part 2 (but will arrange to watch it with the same audience again in a week or so). I just wish you did this for the other 2 tv shows that had good first seasons. Dexter, Lost. I've had issue finding time to rewatch my favourite shows and with all the episodic cruft, talk myself out of it a lot. So I think this will now be my proffered watch to rewatch Prison Break, and hope there are equally good fanedit movies of Dexter and Lost. Thanks again.


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