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IFDB Review: Crouching Dragon—The Tiger Lily Cut:
Like the title says, this is a Tiger Lily version, which means it's all about funny subtitles putting a totally different spin on the original. Here SSJ unleashes his sly and inventive humor on an unsuspecting martial arts historical epic. The idea starts strong and the gags are witty, snarky, absurd, clever, or any and all combinations of those. I enjoyed the pairing of words to on-screen emotions. Even though the gags are operating in a completely different universe, they jibe with the expressions and intonations of the actors. And the alternate universe SSJ builds is delightful, a mashup of Middle Earth, Cheech and Chong, Iron Chef, and many other threads. The concept continues to be convincing in the desert sequence, where the two romantic leads bicker like air-headed loft-dwelling metrosexuals who really need to get out more often. In the latter part of the movie the gags are a little forced and the freshness of the concept flags a little. All of the fight scenes are uncut so you can enjoy the top notch acrobatics all over again. There's one chunk cut from the middle of the movie which isn't missed, although there isn't much explanation for why Jen Yu is suddenly on the road. There are a few hints of a plot, something about an egg, but it's almost a throwaway. For enjoyment I give the first part of the movie a 10 and the conclusion a 7.5, for an overall 9 stars.


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