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IFDB Review: Judge Dredd: Redemption:
First off, I want to say I loved the original version of Judge Dredd. Yes, it took liberties with its source material, but I found the film as a whole enjoyable. When I saw this, I had to give it a go. And you know what, I'm glad I did.Juice took the film and the result is a movie that, to me at least, is just as enjoyable as the original version, only this version is more to the point, and a fast and furious movie.Would I watch it again? Most definitely, as I believe there is room for both this and the theatrical version to co-exist.The editing on the whole is excellent. Everything meshed perfectly. The grain was unusual to begin with, but after a while, I didn't really notice. One thing I will say, I'm glad the headbutt was left in.Overall, a solid effort.


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