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IFDB Review: Judge Dredd: Redemption:
I had never seen Judge Dredd before (DVD ordered last week, hasn't arrived yet) so I was happy that I'd be watching this edit fresh. Let me get the negative stuff out of the way. The added film grain was a nice touch, but I couldn't help but feel it looked too digital and unnatural. I tried my best to just sit back and not be distracted by it, but I'm not really sure it achieves the "gritty" look juice was going for. A couple audio cuts were a little harsh, but nothing too bad. Now, onto the movie itself. This was pretty damn fun. Sure, it was stupid, but I can see why this is such a cult movie. I could tell that things were cut, but this could easily pass for an official release. The plot still made sense and nothing seemed to be lost to me by cutting out the Rob Schneider humor. This was a solid edit that I think others will enjoy.


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