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In-The-Works Forum Change
We've modified the permission of the In-The-Works Forum. New threads by non-faneditors all members will need to be approved by an admin/moderator. So, if you post a new thread and don't see it immediately this is why. Once the thread is verified, usually within 24 hours, it will either be approved or rejected. If rejected we'll try to PM the author with an explanation why.

(UPDATE: While we wanted faneditors exempt from this rule it's not possible at this time.)
why would an "in the works" thread be rejected ?
(i'm not being snarky, i'm asking for the group.)
for example, it's not so much in-the-works so much as just an idea.
or perhaps there aren't enough "approved" or "significant changes".
Firstling attempt coming soon. i hope.
Singling out a specific thread, the Prometheus thread announcing a "released" fanedit prior to the film officially being out caused some questionable discussion. This change is to ensure users (i.e. first time faneditors) that may not be as familiar with the rules don't cross lines that could jeopardize the site. It's not to punish anyone but rather protect the site.
Hi guys!

In order to upload my fanedit, I've been asked to create an in-the-works thread, but when I try to create it the page tells me I don't have permission. Why? How can I create it?
Please see PM.

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