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Article: HAPPY FE<3OT DAY!
You can view the page at http://www.fanedit.org/forums/content.ph...E-3OT-day!
You're an adult. Just cope.
I love OT.com because

-We get to see Frink in full Frink mode
-There is some insanely awesome in-depth analysis of so many movies, not only Star Wars
-Adywan shows sweet preview pics and clips
-History history history
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I love OT.com because

-It's where I first discovered adywan's 'Revisited' project and fanediting in general...and Frink-'isms'...

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

I love OT.com coz its full of Star Wars.
I love OT.com cuz I don't have to fix it when Reave breaks it. :p
Q2 Wrote:I love OT.com cuz I don't have to fix it when Reave breaks it. :p

Oh come on, I haven't broken FE THAT many times. You enjoy a challenge anyway.

I love OT because it led directly to FE and because it's where I got my start in all of this.

Also, Frink is full-on Frink there.
You're an adult. Just cope.
[Image: IloveOT_zps95213355.jpg]
I still love OT.
reave Wrote:I still love OT.

[Image: tumblr_lhkblpXxN21qexe2bo1_500.gif]
Eh. I prefer Myspleen.

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