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Doctor Who

He had a rough start thanks in no small part to bad characterization and questionable writing overall.  But in the end, he shaped up to be a fine Doctor.  I'm gonna miss him.
(1 hour ago)TM2YC Wrote:
(2 hours ago)matrixgrindhouse Wrote:

Okay, on the strength of that, I'm ready for this to the best episode ever... no pressure Big Grin .

3 Doctors in one scene?!?

Three?  That's not Jodie Whittaker at the 17 second mark, is it?  I thought it was meant to be a recast Polly, one of the companions present in Hartnell's last story.  I could be mistaken, however.

Well, if nothing else, we can easily predict that it will be the best "Mark Gatiss Episode", if nothing else.


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