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Internet Fanedit Database (IFDB) Announcement
For the last two years you've heard us talking about migrating the fanedit pages to a new review system. After a lot of work over the last few months we are happy to report 80% of the edits are now on the new system. We anticipate opening the new fanedit review system (entitled the Internet Fanedit Database or "IFDB") in the beginning of September.

This rating and review system is far superior to the current WordPress version. Instead of a single 10-star rating you will now rate several aspects of the edit: Audio/Video Quality, Visual Editing, Audio Editing, Narrative and Enjoyment. These combined will tally a final Overall Rating. The new ratings system will allow for more meaningful evaluations of an edit, and allow the technical execution to be evaluated independently of how enjoyable/successful the changes are.

To rate you will now be required to write a review, though current ratings without reviews will be grandfathered in. You will also be able to edit your ratings and reviews. This was done for a couple reasons: it helps the editor improve as an editor by knowing what people think works and what doesn’t, and it helps viewers by giving them more information on why an edit is worth or is not worth their time. They don’t have to be long reviews, and short and concise comments are more than adequate. All reviews, and changes to reviews, are moderated too in order to ensure there is no foul play (multiple ratings from sock accounts, etc...) and that forum rules regarding respectful, constructive feedback are maintained.

Locating edit-listings on IFDB will be greatly improved, allowing searches based on franchise, original movie, editor, ratings, and more, and will also allow you to refine searches by combining criteria. You can even compare various edits!

It will now be easier to sort the latest reviews, as well as see all of a user’s reviews with one click. Enjoy a particular franchise like Star Wars, Star Trek or Terminator, or a specific genre like horror or sci-fi? Easily see all fanedits in a franchise or genre simply by choosing it.

A few other nice features:
- bookmark your favorite fanedits and reviewers
- mark if reviews were helpful or not
- comment on reviews
- sort edits by most recent, oldest, rating, and more

When IFDB goes live not all reviews will have been added, and with several thousand reviews, comments, and ratings to go through it will take some time to do. Sorting through all these is a meticulous process, but in the end will be worth it to modernize and clean up the review system.

Not only do we have to manually add reviews/comments and link them to the proper user, but we are also removing ratings/reviews/comments from non-members. (There was a time you could rate/review without being a registered member.) What this means is that some edits ratings will fluxuate, though we don't anticipate any edit will change by much.

Once IFDB goes live this is where new ratings and reviews will be done and the old WordPress rating/review system will be disabled. Both sites will stay live until all ratings and reviews are moved.

To maintain consistency between IFDB and FE.org, users that had one name as an editor and one as a user (ed. much like I did originally with Q2 being my faneditor moniker and Thunderclap being my FE.org name) will have their names on IFDB changed. This will help prevent editors from rating their own edits skewing the numbers.

As we approach the activation of IFDB we will start enabling usergroups access to experiment and comment on the new system. First will be Academy Members, followed by Faneditors, and then all other usergroups will go live.
Great idea! On the notion of two seperate names (like myself), if possible, I'd like to keep this one (on the forum), and not the one from fanedit.org. Smile
Kal-El Wrote:Great idea! On the notion of two seperate names (like myself), if possible, I'd like to keep this one (on the forum), and not the one from fanedit.org. Smile

I'll PM you to figure out the details.
very cool update. i'm sure it's taking a sheetload of work to pull off.

thanks to all who're making it happen.
/\ seconded. migrating from one system to another no matter what is never easy.
props to everyone involved. it sounds awesome so far.
Firstling attempt coming soon. i hope.
Thanks, it has indeed been a ton of work.

And I've done none of it.
TV's Frink Wrote:Thanks, it has indeed been a ton of work.

And I've done none of it.

[Image: mckayla-is-not-impressed_454x374.jpg]
Big news long time in the making. Congrats to all who have been working on this!
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Matrix Revolutions - The Epic Edition
The Two Towers Rebuilt

Projects truly In the Works:
Star Trek (2009): Gem Edition

Projects kinda sorta conceptually In The Works:
Riddick: The Chronicles
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Q2 Wrote:[Image: mckayla-is-not-impressed_454x374.jpg]

lol, I would "like" this if I could.
Wow, this sounds fantastic! I'm very much looking forward to the idea. I'm sure you all have put in a ton of work already, so I'm impressed just based on the description. (You've put in a ton of work, that is, except for Frink. FRRRRRRIIIIINNNNNK!!! *shakes fist*)

Here are some random questions that popped into my head:

1) Will this page have a Top 100 listing or something like that? I'm a sucker for lists. Of course, the listing would have to take into account when fan edits just have a couple of reviews. For instance, Transformers: Attack of the Score has two ratings at a perfect 10 apiece, but I doubt that anyone (including TMBTM) would consider it a more widely acclaimed edit than Adywan's Ep. IV Revisited.

2) Will the site be a general site for listing all fan edits, even ones not submitted to FE.org, or is it simply an extension of FE.org and approved edits on it? In particular, I'm thinking of Red Letter Media. RLM submitted Ep. I and II reviews for approval to this site, but (last I saw) not their reviews for Ep. III or Indy 4. I would very much like to rate them and include them.

3) If the answer to #2 is yes, then that might put quite a bit of strain on the webmasters (which is a reason that the answer might be no). Is it possible that members who have been around for a while could eventually be allowed to access the site and add edits themselves, in a format similar to a wiki?

If none of these ideas are workable, that's fine. These are just thoughts that popped into my head. Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to the new site!

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