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Forum Reorganization and Trading
We've done some minor reorganization to the forums, combining "The Fanedits" category and "General Fanedit Discussions".

We've replaced the old trading forum with a new one, as well as added a review system for traders. As always, you must have an original copy before requesting a fanedit, and absolutely no buying or selling of fanedits.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of FE.org.
Please keep in mind, it is acceptable to offer to pay for postage and/or cost of materials, but that is all.
All good things to know (or be reminded of). Thanks, guys!
Was this Trade Score dealy discussed elsewhere? I dunno how/why I missed it, especially if it has appeared under the post counts for a while. (I looked right at someone's post count yesterday and didn't see Trade Score?!)

If it took into account past trades, my score would be in the thousands with 100% positive rating, because fortunately, every trade I've ever done has gone extremely well! Smile (even one with an iOffer seller!)

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