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Highly Rated Movies You Don't Like
Anyway, highly rated movies we don't like?

People really liked A Quiet Place, right?  That movie annoyed the shit out of me.
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Ditto. The joke from the spoof movie 'Top Secret!' about the sound of walking on leaves (which you can see at 10.52 into this RLM video) sums up my problem with 'A Quiet Place', although in that case it's supposed to be taken seriously Big Grin :

I enjoyed A Quiet Place, but with plenty of asterisks. It certainly had problems that bothered me. But for the one time I saw it in theaters with a nice lady friend, it was fine.
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I too had lots of problems with A Quiet Place, but I still found it to be entertaining and effective.

It amused me to no end when I saw Michael Bay with a producer credit. Certainly the last name I expected to be attached to a movie like that.
A Quiet Place is a technically well-made birth control commercial, and little more, I have no idea why it was so popular.
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Imagine the silent conception that took place off camera. I mean don't, but do.

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