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My Punisher fan film(link)
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It is incomplete, but this is the opening scene.


Hopefully we can finish it in a couple weeks, but one of the leads got cancer and is now bald and can't finish. Thats a slight problem.
Dan Lovetere
Well, 20 people have viewed this. Anyone wanna give me some feedback. We actually shot this last summer. We didn't do this to be serious, just to have fun and get some practice.
Dan Lovetere
Not too shabby. I'd watch it if you guys got the whole thing filmed.
It was pretty good.
To me, the Punisher didn't really look/feel like the Punisher. Perhaps this is because I'm only familar with the movies and not with the comics, but I couldn't link to that character.

But I like the way you filmed it.
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Thanks guys. As far as the casting... This wasn't really meant to be a fan-film. It was something we could shoot to get practice, but we wanted to do something that didn't matter to us. We didn't wanna waste a short script if the result would suck lol. The result doesn't suck.

Also. Not sure if you can get a great shot of it, but I designed that skull. I have tweaked it since then, but it is one of a kind.
Dan Lovetere
This scene is a severely rough cut that's been edited together for a while, but has does not have visual or sound FX yet. The edit is also very bad, with certain shots needing to be tightened up.


There are a bunch of jump cuts, but this is actually like three short scenes in one file.

I've been re-working the script lately as one of the actors in a key scene has passed away and that was never shot. Hopefully we can finish it soon.
Dan Lovetere

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