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ST - Star Trek
^ Well at least this time it's meant to be silly. The Holodeck waste removal gag does address a problem with the whole Holodeck concept that was always too disgusting to contemplate Big Grin .
It is always a bad sign when a long running series or franchise descends into self-parody.

I would rather watch THE ORVILLE -- a comedy with heart and classic Trek allegory.

I much rather see a "serious" animated Trek series.  One of my favourite new animated sci-fi series is Star Blazers 2199/2202, and would love to see Trek go in this direction cartoon-wise.  

Seriously, with animation there is no limits.  You don't have to worry about budget or actors aging.  You could set an animated series post-TNG and have characters from TNG, DS9 and VOY are working together.   Or go the Star Trek Online route, which has done some amazing storylines.  Or go back and wrap up Enterprise.   The possibilities are endless.

Instead we get this....   Dodgy Confused Sad
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
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^ Hear, hear. This looks like it could easily be a lame-o live-action comedy a la Powerless. The animation format is clearly a matter of budget, not necessity.
I was looking forward to Lower Decks and this preview looks exactly like I hoped it would. Sorry it's not what you want.
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