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ST - Star Trek
[URL="http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/849/07fb8cab6d931349fda985c.jpg/"][Image: 07fb8cab6d931349fda985c.jpg]
[/URL]Awwwww, cute! Smile

Took me a minute to get this one. Dang, that's one hot pic.

Uh... excuse me? Miss? Your commbadge is way too big. Huh? Why am I looking down there? Uh, no reason...

Aso: DAY-UM! :o
I wouldn't complain if you guys continued to post pics of nerdy star trek girls :-)
[Image: 57820554392b1dba40a8o.jpg]

[Image: altrekuniformp.jpg]

[Image: qx4sf.jpg]

[Image: trek03bychonastock.jpg]

[Image: startrekseries216bychon.jpg]

[Image: amandatrek1.jpg]

[Image: eileenblue.jpg]

[Image: 17066510150174335853009.jpg]

[Image: 2961837.jpg]

[Image: sevenofnine1byweatherst.jpg]

[Image: sevenofnine2byweatherst.jpg]

[Image: 0ae7698f15c2af523dd158a.jpg]

And a music video by that last one (Don't expect too much though) ...

I think the Borg have perfected unit types that can switch off higher mental functions in human brains.
^ Holy shit! 8-)
I may be an A-hole, but I'm not 100% a dick - Han Solo
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the antman gave me excellent reasons to finally be interested in star trek. ;-)
well, it worked the first time, so......

ThrowgnCpr Wrote:I wouldn't complain if you guys continued to post pics of nerdy star trek girls :-)
She's probably into Trek:

[Image: nerdygirl2.jpg]
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Neglify Wrote:She's probably into Trek:

[Image: nerdygirl2.jpg]

[Image: clintnod.gif]

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