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ST - Star Trek
Dwight Fry Wrote:[Image: _47011835_hamlet.jpg]

And, for those who are about to warn me against hijacking this thread: I'm on topic. In this Hamlet production from 1980, Ophelia was played by Lalla Ward, who was at the time a regular in Doctor Who. Stewart teased her about this fact, saying that he wouldn't be caught dead doing science fiction. :-P
And isn't that Derek Jacobi, aka second last to play the Master on Doctor Who? I wonder if he ever said the same thing? Wink
:-) thats fucking hysterical.
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[Image: https://images.fanedit.org/images/FE%3C3...nature.png]
Nooooo! You must not cross the streams!!! :-P

TNG S1 blu-ray goes public July 24; Entertainment Weekly has a high-def clip:


It's spectacular, yes, but anyone else think this looks just a bit... off? I remember the somewhat-soft visuals of TNG fondly.

But, maybe I'd get used to the HD and embrace it over time. Too soon to say...
Not me. I'll be more than glad to leave those disgustingly bad video-mastered DVDs behind forever. I bought the TNG sampler and it is beautiful. Smile
This absolutely happened and no doctored alternative photos of a plain ol' sword will ever convince me otherwise. :p :lol:

Some more randoms...

A What If? that someone whipped up of old Shatner with his '60s wig...

[Image: oldshatnerwithyoungwig.jpg]

A youngish Dwight Schultz (looking very Bruce Campbell-ish.)

[Image: 1111dwightschultz.jpg]


[Image: majelbarrett1957.jpg]


[Image: leonardnimoyportrait.jpg]

A young Jennifer Lien...

[Image: jennifer4lien.jpg]


[Image: nichellenichols456.jpg]

Marc Alaimo (Who has barely changed in over twenty years)...

[Image: marcalaimo.jpg]

LeVar Burton in the mid-'80s and now...

[Image: burtonss.jpg]

Brent Spiner...

[Image: brent4spiner.jpg]

A very young Terry Farrell...

[Image: terryfarrell.jpg]

Horrible hair on Nana Visitor and Marina Sirtis...

[Image: youngnana.jpg]

[Image: mariniasirtis1980s.jpg]

Rachel Nichols...

[Image: lcmbgg93b1rachelnichols.jpg]

Mark Lenard...

[Image: vmarklenard.jpg]

Terry and Nana now...

[Image: 2560.jpg]

One more Marina and Brent...

[Image: marinasirtis.jpg]

[Image: brentspiner.jpg]

[Image: 00funtrek10.jpg]

[Image: 35n7hua.gif]

[Image: kirkgif.gif]


[Image: haydenstartrek1.jpg]

[Image: msg1237824749483.jpg]


[Image: hellbastard011.jpg]

[Image: jurassicquark.jpg]

Nerd chix...

[Image: 07fb8cab6d931349fda985c.jpg]

[Image: justinekonik3.jpg]

[Image: tumblrm38bm6ssw11qgwpv3.jpg]

[Image: sevenofnine3byweatherst.jpg]

[Image: trek05bychonastock.jpg]

[Image: theromulantemptressbywe.jpg]

[Image: startrekseries243bychon.jpg]
Mmm hmmm that 7 of 9 really pulls it off.

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