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Star Trek Continues Featuring Chris Doohan and Grant Imahara
(7 hours ago)asterixsmeagol Wrote: Does anybody know if the unreleased New Voyages episodes will ever see the light of day?

As a certain Vulcan might say, "There are always possibilities."

Though I would probably lean towards, No.

Of the three known New Voyages episodes....

"Torment of Destiny" featuring one of Richard Hatch's last performances, was closest to completion.  As far as I have read, all scenes were shot but FX needed to be finished.   Cawley stated at one time this one would be finished, but that was well over a year ago.

"Bread and Savagery", the director passed away before completion of post production.  Again, Cawley stated it would be completed but it has been over 2 years now.

"Origins", the story of Cadet James T. Kirk during his Starfeet Academy days.  From what I have read, this episode still had many scenes to be completed and after the scandal between Cawley and Mignogna (he was playing George Kirk in the episode), I doubt it will ever be finished.

Furthermore, since the time of filming these episodes the Star Trek fan film landscape has drastically changed due to the Axanar mess and the CBS Fan Film Guidelines.   Also, James Cawley turned his TOS set into a fully licensed/authorized tour and may not want to step on any CBS toes by releasing the remaining episodes.

But one can remain hopeful.  Angel
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.

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