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The FE.org AOTR/Rear Window Donation Drive Spectacu-Ganza!!!


Keeping Fanedit.org running requires money. TV's Frink requires a DVD of Rear Window for his in-the-works edit, Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Ridiculousness. Now, you have a unique opportunity to help both of them.

Starting today, and until the AOTR workprint is ready for review (date TBD), anyone who donates a minimum of $15 to Fanedit.org will receive the following:

1) Access to the AOTR workprint (when available)
2) A mention in the end credits of AOTR
3) A donor badge (for those who don't already have one)
4) Sincere thanks from FE.org and TV's Frink (cash value zero dollars)

In addition, TV's Frink will spend $15 (well, $15.99, actually) to buy the DVD of Rear Window for use in AOTR. And everyone will benefit from the hilarious use of Rear Window in a Star Wars fanedit.

Please note that 100% of each donation will go towards the operation of Fanedit.org. No money will be given to either TV's Frink or to any of the staff of Fanedit.org. Also note that donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated, but donations of less than $15 will only be eligible for items #3 and #4 above.

To donate, go to the FE.org front page and scroll down to the PayPal Donation section on the left side of the page. If you want to be included in the workprint release and the end credits, please include your username and the reason for your donation on your PayPal payment.

Thank you for your generosity!

Rear Window purchased, and the workprint is nearly ready. If you want to take advantage of item #1 above, now is the time to donate!
Workprint has been uploaded and already viewed by a few people. I have a few email address of people who have donated but no idea what their forum names are. If you have donated for this, please send me a PM so I can send you the links and include you in the end credits.

And thanks to those who have donated!
I'm working on the end credits right now, so last chance to take advantage of #2...


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